Havoc issues might be bit vague

Hey Fam’

I am having a few issues at the moment with some of the havoc macros. on a dummy they work fine but then get into a mythic plus group or raid and the just stop firing they cast immo’ aura and auto attack melee. If I run it arenas or PVP they work fine. I only having issues with havoc Bladepros’ and Wolfgangs.
I am however about to give Lutechi’s a run see if theres any issues.

Apologies if my post is vague

Check which version activates when you are in Mythic + or Raid, You might have changed it and all that version does is Immo Aura and Auto attack

This is done by going to MACRO and on the configuration tab you will see selection below like default, pvp, raid, dungeon ect. Make sure raid and Dungeon is set to the number of the tab you want to use during Raid and Mythic +