Havoc PVE

*Updated 8/25/2018


Here is a straight forward havoc sequence. I’ve omitted the Vengeful Retreat/Fel Rush combo as I’ve been noticing it may make your sequence hang (easier to manage manually imo). I’ve stuck with keeping Metamorphosis on the Alt mod. I’ve set the other mods to utility abilities for when in a pinch.

*Update 1 - Took a break from DH for the BFA launch to main a Warrior. I’ve come back to this one and revised it completely as I’ve learned a bit more. This setup is not dependent on castsequences and generates/spends fury with no issues. I’m running it at 40ms but you may be able to run it faster. The only hiccup I ran into was Immolation Aura. To have it in the main sequence I needed to have it in the PreMacro because if it was left out the macro would not progress. As it is now, it’s working flawlessly and timings with all the abilities trigger with minimum skipping if any!

Help Information -
Run at 40ms
This is my second take at the Havoc DH Macro, after learning a bit more I realized my first go was definitely not on par. This one on the other hand is a true revision. Runs through all the abilities fluently while spending & generating fury at a great pace!
Metamorphosis is on the Alt mod, Blur on Shift mod, & Darkness on Ctrl mod. Additional functionality on mouse buttons; Fel Rush/B5, Consume Magic/Alt-B5, Vengeful Retreat/B4, Imprison/Alt-B4, Throw Glaive/B3, & Torment/Alt-B3. Disrupt on F1. Having this layout has worked great for myself but tweak to your liking.
Version 2 8/25/2018


Revised the OP and macro. The macro has been completely reworked and seems perfect. Hope this is a good fit for anyone who needs it and any feedback is appreciated! Time to get my DH to 120 =P

Hi, i tested your macro :slight_smile:
It’s a good one, i like how fast it fire off the skills but im very close to fury starvation everytime.
Im 325ilvl and On the dummy im doing 6.4k dps with a 8k burst at the beginning.
Anyway ty and keep up the good work~~

Hey @Ône Pùnchman, thanks for feedback and glad to hear it’s working well for you! I think I know what you mean by it being starved when it bottoms out. It does then default to demons bite and rebuilds fury. Hmmmm, I’ll see if I can make any adjustments to fine tune demons bite or eye beam some more.

I keep having the problem where it stalls for a second or two then it casts demons bite. anyway to fix this?