Help, can someone make a good PvP macro for survival (the joker in arena)

Hi all,

I just respecced and found out that survival is the way to go now. Its the joker class in arenas, people dont know how to counter this class and its fun and amazing to play it, but im missing some good bursty macros.

The best talants for PvP now is: 1133(X-3)13
PvP Talants: Spider sting, Tracker’s Net, Sticky Tar
Some will prob not agree on the PvP talants, but as i run three’s i help the healer kite DPS off all the time so yes in the long run we win due too all the slow and CC. I would change some of them when fighting casters.

Feel like if we got some good macros more would enjoy the wrath of the survivor. Please help :smiley:


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Thanks, will check it out.
Im not good with this :slight_smile:

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We never are when we start out making them.

But sadly others think when they do their the god of macro making but have zero clue of what they’re doing.

i have mad respect for the once that makes the macros :slight_smile: