[HELP]! How to Install luaWoW language file into Notepad++

The answer has eluded me after searching google and wowpedia.

The have ‘answers’, but their writing in Ancient Hebrew for all I know. An actual ‘step by step’ instruction of how to add LuaWoW.xml into NotePadd++ as a ‘userDefineLang’ fails to be illuminated so far.

I found and hyperlinked the r37 of LuaWoW. This is hopefully to help others who may have trouble finding that file.

The goal? to help Notepadd++ use its pretty colors to illuminate errors in my macros.

I love how NotePadd++ basically does half the battle out of the box, but I am greedy and I want more. =D :wink:

I could pose this problem to anyone first but I figured “WoWLazyMacros.com” is the most likely to understand and sympathise with my desire.

The reason you’re having trouble making this work is that this is a syntax highlighter plugin for Notepad++. This plugin actually consists of two files: LuaWoW.dll and LuaWoW.xml.

To install the plugin, you have to place the LuaWow.dll file in the Notepad++\plugins directory, while the LuaWoW.xml file needs to be placed in the Notepad++\plugins\Config directory.

Here are step-by-step instructions for adding the LuaWoW plugin to NotePad++:

  1. Download this zip file from google code: notepadpp_rev37.7z
    If you don’t have zip file utility:
    a. Download the free one from 7-zip.org
    b. Install the zip file utility before continuing with step 2

  2. Open windows explorer (or your platforms equivalent file manager tool), browse to where you saved Notepadpp_rev37.7z, and open the archive using 7-zip.

  3. Inside the 7-zip panel, you should see two folders, install and src.

  4. Press F9 to bring up a 2nd panel on the right showing your C: drive folders.

  5. In the right panel, browse to the Notepad++\plugins directory. (In Windows, this will be located in the C:\Program Files (x86) directory.)

  6. In the left panel, double click on the install folder. You should now see a Config folder and the LuaWow.dll file

  7. Press Ctrl+A to select both directory and file

  8. Click on the ->Copy icon in the tool bar. A copy dialog window should popup.

  9. In the copy dialog window, confirm that Copy to: is the C:…\Notepad++\plugins</em> directory and that Config and LuaWoW.dll are the items being copied.

  10. Click on the Ok button to complete copying the plugin files to Notepad++.

If Notepad++ is currently open, go ahead and close it, then reopen it.
Click on Language in Notepad++'s menu bar; in the dropdown, you should see LuaWoW just after the L submenu.

Now, whenever you open any file that has a .lua extension using Notepad++, the code should automatically have the correct syntax highlighting.