Help i need a ret mocro 602 that works

Hi can any1 make a Ret mocro that Works, that would be nice, im asking becouse i dont know how to make them my self :slight_smile:


Macro Tool Kit version Talents 3,2,3,2,3,3

#showtooltip Templar’s Verdict
/castsequence reset=1 Sacred Shield, Judgment,Crusader Strike,Exorcism,Templar’s Verdict,Sacred Shield,Judgment
/castsequence reset=1 Crusader Strike,Templar’s Verdict,Exorcism,Sacred Shield,Judgment,Crusader Strike,Templar’s Verdict
/castsequence [mod:alt] Avenging Wrath,Execution Sentence
/cast Divine Protection

255 version talents

/castsequence reset=1 Sacred Shield,Judgment,Crusader Strike
/cast Templar's Verdict
/cast Exorcism
/cast Avenging Wrath
/cast Holy Prism

Here’s a bar swap macro. I will never surpass 3 bars for UI reasons.

Your main rotation is here. But to maximize your dps you’d have to have Judgement and Crusader Strike on a separate bar as this macro extends the cooldown of Crusader Strike by over 1 second.

/castsequence reset=combat Judgment,Crusader Strike
/cast Holy Prism
/swapactionbar 1 2

/cast templar’s verdict
/swapactionbar 2 3

/cast exorcism
/swapactionbar 3 1

Site seems a little buggy ATM so I was unable to use BBCodes.

This is what ive manged to get working so far, talents are 3,2,1,3,1,1 please make any changes you want.
ive tryed the bar swap macros, they work well but i prefer just 1 button for main roation and use other buttons for casting anything i cant get to fire in a macro.

/castsequence [exists]reset=target judgment,null
/castsequence [@player, nocombat]reset=target Seal of Truth,null
/castsequence [mod,combat] Judgment,Crusader Strike
/castsequence [combat]reset=target/15 Crusader strike,judgment,Crusader Strike,Templar's Verdict
/cast [combat]Exorcism
/cast [combat]Avenging Wrath
/cast [combat]Holy Avenger
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]

this is what i use and i manually mix in the hammer of wrath to fill space

#showtooltip Templar's Verdict
/castsequence  reset=1 Sacred Shield, Judgment,Crusader Strike,Exorcism,Templar's Verdict,Sacred Shield,Judgment
/castsequence reset=1 Crusader Strike,Templar's Verdict,Exorcism,Sacred Shield,Judgment,Crusader Strike,Templar's Verdict
/castsequence [mod:alt] !Avenging Wrath,Execution Sentence
/cast Divine Protection