Help low dps. Please any help would be welcomed

Hey fellow hunters. I have been playing a hhunter for over 5 years and always chose BM… Now with shadowlands Marks is better spec. I am lost on which macro to use and what ms speed I should set it for. My item level is 215 I have the best Legendary’s for Marks and my average DPS is 3k. other hunters are doing 6k. I am so frustrated. Please any help would be welcomed

I know this is not the answer you’re looking for, but from my experience MM is not a very friendly spec for GSE. There’s just too much logic required for a macro to really handle. I’m pretty comfortable running at higher MS and handweaving in most of my abilities and just letting GSE handle the ABCs for me (always be casting) while I’m distracted by mechanics, but I’ve yet to find a macro that feels like it’s even helping for MM.

Full disclosure: hunter isn’t my main, so maybe someone else who has more experience can provide better insight. Good luck.

Thank you for your help.