Help ! My Hunters dps is embarrassing lol

I have a 460 something BM hunter. I stopped playing him because something has changed and his dps is horrible. The most I can achieve on the target dummy is around 40k dps. That’s with all macros currently posted. I’ve been booted twice from heroic raids because of low dps. On Wrathion I was averaging an embarrassing 27k dps. I use a Logitech G510 keyboard to run my macros. Please help a hunter out!

So much info needed:

  • Character Name - Server Name
  • AHK or Keyboard Software to spam them keys
  • What macro are you using

Just to start

Characters name - Blagga
Server - Arthas
Spamming macro with - Logitech G510 keyboard software. I test macros at 20ms, 50ms and 100ms
Macros used - Asobunnies, Honeys, High Parse (forget name)

According to raidbots your playing as a marksmanship hunter.

I know this may sound rude, but have you tried those macros your mentioning as bm???


Lmao…that would be really embarrassing if i were in the wrong spec the entire time. I got frustrated with the low dps and switched to mm spec to see if it would produce better numbers with the mm macros on site. I was in BM spec when i was getting the low numbers from the macros. Im home from work now and logging into game to see if I can figure out what the issue is.

i understand 100 percent i just wanted to make sure before we moved on to more troubleshooting

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Quite a few things to look at:

Lately the problem alot of people have been having is the MS in GSE is not matched up with your Keyboard/Mouse software…



has to match your Peripheral Software MS :


Your Azerite Traits are not optimized for Beast Mastery :

  • (1) Dance of Death
  • (2) Primal Instincts

And your crit is barely 27% - mhmm not very good at all you need more

Looking at the LOG :

You had a Twilight Devastation proc for some reason. … that corruption is horrible for Ranged

According to your WoW Profile :

Your Heart Essences are the following: im assuming things weren’t different from the raid

So if you did use Crucible of Flame as the Major for the raid (which btw is horrible compared to Vision of Perfection - get the Vision if you have it - Rank 3 of course) - looking at the damage you did on the fight I don’t see one crucible of flame proc - which means :

  • you never used it - or used a macro that doesn’t auto-fire it
  • major major dps loss there

Those are just a few things that would definately cause you to have horrible DPS - and ya < 30k DPS in Heroic Raid would/should get ya kicked unless guild run of course

Reminder: These macros are not a cure-all … you do have to do your due diligence and get the gear / essences / corruptions / etc …

Oh another thing: SIM your character correctly


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I really appreciate the time you took to help me out. I have some things to work on…will def report back with the results.