Help please with basic Macro

I am trying to find some info for total idiots. I have read so many forums and its just too damn confusing. I’m not a freaking programmer or anything of that sort. What I want I am sure is so simple but I can’t find it… so here is what I want:
Elemental Shaman ALWAYS in this order:

I use AHK at like 100MS
Healing Stream Totem
Flame Shock (1 time per MOB) - Instant Cast
Frost Shock (1 time per MOB) - Instant Cast
Echoing Shock (if up) - Instant Cast
Lava Burst (if up) - 1.8 Second cast
Earth Shock (if up) - Instant Cast
Lightning Bolt over and over until one of the below 3 reset until MOB is dead - 1.8 second cast
(once MOB is dead it resets to top of list)

That is literally all I want to do but I want it to do the exact same rotation every time I engage a new mob and I just can’t figure it out.

I want to control all the other stuff myself with keys and just want these.

Mate you don’t have to be a programmer but there is some stuff you need to know how to do to use a macro. Even if you get one from someone else you will need to tweak it to match your specific gear set.

As you have some specific timings could I suggest looking at an adaption of the following - I don’t have a shaman so your going to have to do the work on this:

For each of the instants put the following two lines:

/cast spell name
/click pause GCD

For the ones where you need a specific gap

/cast spell name
/click pause 1.8

Where 1.8 is the seconds you need for cast time. I don’t know off the top of my head but I think you still have the GCD after the cast finishes so you may need another /click pause GCD afterwards if you do.

You will need something like AHK to mash the key at a specific interval set at a MS (millisecond) speed which you also put the same setting into GSE’s options.

Actually rereading your list - your going to have to learn how all this works to get even remotely close to that in a macro.

Alternatively I would look at 3 or 4 of the ones that are in the Elemental section under Shaman and test them out and see what is close to what you want.

Thanks for commenting… I actually have tried all of them before i posted this…They are all OK but like 75% of the time, it doesn’t cast Flame Shock first and lava blast will always crit if flame shock is on. and then frost shock slows the MOB.
SO after reading your post a few times I now “get it”. I understand now more how these macros work. I thought they were more of an “if x then y” formula… but it isnt. The macros basically assume everything is up and off cooldown… and will try and push it in order.
So I think the best way is for me to make 2 macros. 1 for initial Flame Shock and Frost Shock, and then the rest my combat spells on macro 2.

Thanks again.

If they let us do if/then it would be 1000 times simpler. Originally in vanilla this was possible but they changed how it all worked with TBC. They want people making those kinds of decisions not mods or macros. The outcome is we have to predict and semi guess or use mods that when we see something happen we react by holding say the alt key as well and the macro does something different in response.