Help with 2H frost macro

Good Morning,

first off I’d like to apologies for my utter noobness :smiley: Brand new to gnome sequencer and I’m still trying to understand how all the coding works. I found this macro here and I’m looking for some help tweaking it:

Sequences["Frost"] = { StepFunction = [[ limit = limit or 1 if step == limit then limit = limit % #macros + 1 step = 1 else step = step % #macros + 1 end ]], PreMacro = [[ /console Sound_EnableSFX 0 /targetenemy [noharm][dead] ]], '/cast !Obliterate', '/castsequence Howling Blast', '/cast Obliterate', '/cast Frost Strike', '/cast [combat] Blood Tap', PostMacro = [[ /cast Anti-Magic Shell /cast Pillar of Frost /cast Empower Rune Weapon /startattack /use [combat]13 /use [combat]14 /script UIErrorsFrame:Hide(); /console Sound_EnableSFX 1 ]], }

When running it, I found a few things that do not seem ideal to me. When killing machine procs, it prefers frost strike over obliterate. If OB is on CD and FS is not, is there a way to make it wait for OB instead of wasting it on FS?

Also, I’d like it to use Plague Leech when Blood Plague is under 10 sec and reapply with outbreak. Is that possible?

How do I figure out which re-click time I have to set?

I’d be thankful for any other improvements you guys have to offer.

Thanks for your help!



Im not positive, but if you try putting ob in the post macro, it will then try to fire it off after every sequence. This may help to cast ob whenever it is available. Like I said im not positive but couldnt hurt to try.

Everytime you push the button it goes down the list of spells, Simple add more OB to the macro. The thing that gnome sequencer doesnt adjust for is your haste and regening of runes. So you have to personalize any macro you make to yourself . My macro might not work correctly for you requires a bit of Test dummy practice until you get your macro to fire how you want it. Also note anytime you change gear that directly effects the speed of your rune regeneration , your macro will freak out :stuck_out_tongue: Sometimes good sometimes bad it needs Adjustment everytime you get something new to wear pretty much :stuck_out_tongue: The macro’s I post are basic sometimes I am finding I have to add 10 OB’s to 1 Frost strike just to make it balance out time wise