Help with a macro

Hello. long time lurker first time poster.
I was wondering if I could get help with making a macro to cast Tranquilizing shot along side my “kick”(counter shot). I tried to make a straight forward macro but it wont work. Is it because one of those abilities is on GCD?
I also would love to have my second “kick” (Intimidation) on the same button so that when countershot is on CD it will go to intimidate. I know they arent exactly the same but they provide a similar utility and i would love to free up some ease of use and bar space!

shoot i guess while i am at it maybe the ability to fire killshot when its available on a spam button like cobra shot.

I am not asking for someone to just make these for me(though that would be awesome) Just someone to coach me a bit on how to allow for these types of modifiers/conditional situations