hey all i been at this all night and watched every video i can find on the web trying to get the " Gnome Sequencer " to work. i have download it, put it in my addons folder, renamed it to sequences.lua and put in my macro leaving one space like all the videos and still nothing. i have downlaoded notepad++ cause one of the videos recomanded it and still nothing. i few things that i have noticed tho is when i open the Gnome Sequencer addon and you have the 3 files i dont have one called " ExampleSequences.lua " i just have one called " ExampleSequences ". also i have never had it where you are in game and you type the name of the macro and hit ok and the text appears in the macro area, the videos have that and then they hit save and it works. i have not changed anything in the file and just cant get it to go. would love some help as i have been a big fan of WoW Lazy macros since the start of MOP. thanks for taking the time to read this and give feedback :slight_smile: