Heya! About fury

Hey! Just wondering what fury macro people using this days for best performance?

I use my own . I would love to post them as I think they would help so many . I just never posted anything on here and don’t know how to do the box thing

Standard rotation is . At 100 rage just hit a mod key . If you have the execute ring you can add execute on its own with a nomod.
Reason I do mod and nomod so it will stop the normal rotation and starts the mod fast .

/castsequence [mod] reset=5 Rampage, Raging Blow
/castsequence [nomod] reset=5 Bloodtjirst, Raging Blow , furious Slash

Burst macro

/cast Avatar
/cast Battle Cry

Castsequence reset=5 Rampage, Raging Blow, Odyn’s Fury, Bloodthirsty, Raging Blow, furious Slash

Just do that in 2 macro’s and give them a try

im also content using one i made