Hi, I am looking to make an "IF" variable

Hello, I would need an “if” variable that makes if my barbed shoot has 3 seconds or less of dot to return true, otherwise it returns false.
The idea would be that with this variable if I have less than 3 seconds of dot left to use the barbed shoot, it doesn’t matter how many stacks I have … if someone can help me fix that variable I’ll thank you

WoW does not allow functionality like this nor can GSE do this.


There was once a programm for it calles priority que rotation. It is forbidden in the game and you will get banned for it. Was a big thing in WotLK. So just as Leavaris said you wont be able to pull this off.

Thank you very much for your answer

As others have pointed out, this would be true automation, which is forbidden in Blizzard’s TOS.