HiOctane HPriest: Part Deux

Updated 09/12/2018 for raiding

EASILY ran the weekly mythic quest with this new update @ 340 ilvl; I am very happy with it. Only occasionally will you need to eat/drink/Symbol of Hope.

Pro tip: when possible, stand on/near the tank for your big AoE heals to pop off on the melee.

*PVP = Mod + Shift to Ray of Hope on your target (take Light of the Naaru in PVP)
*PVE = Mod + Shift to cast Holy Word: Salvation

End of update

This is what I’ve been rolling around in mythics and PVP with; it is based off my old macro (pre-patch 8.01). Without drinks/Innervate, you’ll finish with enough mana for M+ final bosses—but barely.

*You’ll want to take Holy Word: Salvation in PVE for the pinch AoE CD; The macro will get the cooldown timer reset to ~4 minutes. In PVP, take Light of the Naaru.

*Mod + Ctrl for Divine Hymn
*Mod + Alt for Guardian Spirit on your mouseover target.
*Mod + Shift for Ray of Hope (PVP only)


This one burns a little too hot for me to use in raids (I ran out of mana halfway through the fight) but for dungeons it works great! I loved your old macro, any way to make that one work for raids this expansion?

That is exactly the type of feedback that I was looking for; thank you for posting!

At the time of my OP (now updated on account of your feedback), I had not yet run a raid in BFA and figured that since it got me through M’s, it would also do so in raids. Since this was not the case, I removed PoH from the #3 tab and made that the version for raiding. Please try it again and let us know if it is more mana efficient for you.

Thanks again!

–John Q.

I’m not sure why it didn’t post my reply, so I’m trying again! :slight_smile: It ran a bit better this time although still a little hot. It could be because I’m only ilvl 345 so I’m not geared the best and still blowing through mana. But it definitely runs better than it did! I may be running it wrong though, I’m running it constantly with my Razer Orbweaver set at 50 ms. Do you turn it off and on or do you manually spam it?

I think it’s still a great macro though! I just need to get better at timing it so I’m not running oom during boss fights.

Thanks again for your feedback!

I made even more changes yesterday, even after posting the update. I ended up running the new LFR thrice just to get the exact feel for it, and am pretty happy with the end result.

Since HPriests are statues when it comes to AoE uber spells, I still died–but pulled better numbers–the last run I finished in second place (even post 3% nerf on all HPriest healing).

I am going to tweak this throughout the week and update it again after I run some M’s.

Awesome! I can’t wait!


Has anyone tried this lately, debating on trying it out in mythic dungeons tonight