Holy Paladin Healing 5.2

Been Using Wowlazy macro for all my mouseover healing and raiding for a couple years now, thought I would share my macros for anyone interested. I use AHK in conjuction with my healing as well. Hope it helps.

/castsequence [target=mouseover] reset=10 holy radiance,holy radiance,holy shock,eternal flame,holy radiance,holy radiance,holy shock,light of dawn,holy radiance,holy shock,light of dawn
/castsequence holy avenger,divine favor,avenging wrath
/use 14

When I need to do a lot of movement I change mouseover to focus and have a focus key on action bar for quick focus reassignment - its a tip that has been quite successful for me.

my other single spell macros are your generic mouseover macs.


sounds interesting. I may give it a shot on my pally. i switched from holy to ret because it got too clunky for me, but, thought about switching back