Holy Paladin question!

I’m maining a holy pally. I currently have a 291 ilvl shock barrier lego and a 291 Light of the Martyr (Maraad’s) lego. I’m also Kyrian, but dont’ mind switching if I have to.

Questions, actually:

  1. What cove SHOULD I be?
  2. What legendary SHOULD I be using?

Anyone can chime in with theory, but holy pally mains (big or small raid and mythic+ welcome) are appreciated for their holy pally input.

Please don’t let other people tell you what’s good for your own character and just sim yourself.
I’ll answer this twice for you:
Here you go:

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Mate, I get that simming is the “ultimate tool”, but some of these macros are set up to use a particular covenant or elgendary, or even sometimes if you’re lucky, a tier bonus. I just wanna make sure that I’m getting the best outta these macros is all. I appreciate the Raidbots offer, but i just wanna make sure that i’m getting the proper setup for any macro i may use. Simming imn raidbots doesn’t always go well with the macros, lol.

You’re right, no it doesn’t but you won’t know till you try or get close but you’d be surprised.

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When I sim talents, usually it gives me a different set of talents to use other than the ones in the macro of my choosing. Gear is different. When I sim gear, I generally use what it tells me to. The only thing I worry about are the legos, talents, and soulbinds/conduits. I guess just sim, then use what the macro says to use? Make the small changes? Passives are passive after all, so doesn’t matter if the macro or sim says to use something, just go with what gives uyou more since it’s passive? :slight_smile:

healers can not sim as of yet !

Through Ask Mr. Robot you can- I know it’s not the preferred choice of many but something’s better than nothing.

Ask Mr. Robot sim has a slider for DPS and HPS balance for your gear build.

Plus, rather than using prescriptive tools like simulations, healers must instead depend on descriptive methods of post-fight analysis, such as WoWAnalyzer.

If you are talking about PVP builds, you can see what’s popular in that sense, Cov, legos, talents etc at Paladin PvP and PvE Guides - World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.2 or for PVE, you can use Method guides https://www.method.gg/ or something simular.

Murlock.io also has the MM+ section with guides, and top raid healers listed. From what i’ve seen, Necrolord Cov is the choice for PVP, everyone else seems to run Kyrian.

Hope this helps a little,

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