How can I put Version 1 of a macro and Version 2 on my bars separately?

I have my macros running through iCUE at 100ms, and currently are set up to spam 1, or 2 depending on which i toggle on. I am using the MM-SGL marksman macro, and wanted to put the “Steady Shot V2” macro on my 2 button while the “V1” stays on my 1 button without changing the drop down menus for default, raiding ect.

Is this possible? So all I have to do is use a Tome and change to Steady shot then turn on 2 instead of 1? Or will I have to manually open GSE and change the dropdown for raiding to 2 everytime I switch talents?

If is talent dependant then you have an option, otherwise the easiest is to separate them into 2 different macros.

The versions can only be activated at the moment by environment.

You can combine both macro versions into 1 if they are similar by assigning talent condition for the specific lines.

Check any of my All-in-One macros for examples on how to achieve that.

Just edit the macro - change the name and hit Save. This will duplicate the macro and set the second to version 2 etc. Just any changes you make from then on will be just for the macro you edit so may need to remember to edit both.

Ty very much! Sorry for the noob questions, but i just started using the program and it’s a bit much for me atm xD