How do i create macros in BfA?

i was able to create simple macros as used in 7.3, but looking at the string of characters needed now just confuses me. how do i construct macros now? any help info would be greatly appreciated

Hallo ich würde gerne wissen wie ich meine Marcos bastelen. Gibt es Videos und wenn ja sind diese aktuell oder hat sich zuviel verändert?

Wo schreibe ich diese Macros , direkt ingame oder kann ich ein externes tool benutzen?

Hello I would like to know how to make my Marcos. Are there any videos and if so are they up-to-date or have they changed too much?

Where do I write these macros, directly ingame or can I use an external tool?

how do we edit sequence strings?

OK,OK I got it now, didnt realise that the string was exported, so i just write the macros as normal…

( puts face in palm and shakes head… " how could i be so stupid…")