How do you make a key light up?

There are times on some macros where I can’t tell if the macro is running or not unless I press enter and see the chat spam as the icon won’t change if there are several cast sequences. Does anyone know of a way to overcome this? I was looking to see if there was an addon that made your action button light up or something.

If that doesn’t exist I’m curious if anyone with some knowledge in addons was willing to create one. It could be a moveable visual icon or block that changes color of flashes an icon when you are pressing the assigned key or something? Like if you’re pressing “1” repeatedly it will light up the box that you have visible to you.

Maybe there’s already a solution? Not sure, but if so I’d love to hear it. Tired of not being able to tell when the macro is running.

Change your macro so you don’t use castsequence

Unfortunately Blizzard only expects that castsequence is used in a single line macro from their UI. GSE can’t evaluate where it’s up to in the sequence.

You obviously missed the point. It’s not as if I don’t understand WHY it’s happening. I asked if there was an addon or something or if someone who had the know how to build a simple addon.

What I am trying to pass on is that NO ADDON is able to do what you are asking. If it was possible I would do it with GSE.

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