How to make a Macro from Scratch?

[quote quote=6865]there are more than 5 macros in blood and u have tested them all?<br>
and if they do not work why don’t u make one yourself?<br>
but i guess why bother making one when the other morons can make it for u[/quote]
I don’t want to be a troll or anything, but I’ve been using your macros for a little while and have really enjoyed your guys’ hard work!! But… I would LOVE to make my own and be able to possibly help in some way. Other than just trying to replace ‘spells’ in the macros that you guys have made, I’m at a loss as to what to do to actually make a macro. You have any pointers on where to look on how to actually just start making my own from scratch??

Thanks in advance

My suggestion would be to go download Notepad++ and work from there. It’s a better editor than anything in game, and it allows you to do a copy and paste without any spaces.

In terms of replacing spells in certain areas and such, that is the how the Blizzard API allows it. We can not change that.

I suggest we start a new thread - “How to make a Macro from Scratch”

I’m going to close this one, I’ll see if I have sometime to make one this week.