How to stop overwriting of older macro versions ?

Hello, i actually have two problems with GSE. The first one is that it overwrites macros when i want to test a new version of it* (some one posting a rewritten macro and did not change the name).
The second one is less important to me. Macros of some users here doesnt get translated. Enix Marcos for example (all of his macros).

*I remember that there was a window that asking me something when importing a new version of a macro (with the same name). But this doesnt happens now and i cant find that option.

You’re updated to the newest version of GSE?

If you’re not receiving a prompt when importing a new macro to merge or replace, a temporary solution would be to rename a macro before you import. I often do this as-is to prevent any potential complications.

Aah i am so blind. I didn’t noticed the normal text under the string. So being able to rename the macro will help me.
Thank you Abby!