how to use mod??


I just cant figure out how to use “mod”. E.g. /cast [mod:shift] Demonbolt

If i press shift then it does NOT cast Demonbolt.

In the WOW settings i have removed all references to shift.

i need to also use this for a paladin macro where he will only heal if it procks. But again i hold shift = nothing; i quickly press shift = nothing.

Please help :slight_smile:

Thats maybee a stupid question, are you pressing shift only ? If so -this wont work. It´s the macro key (where you placed the macro symbol) + shift. If the Spell is on Cooldown and you press shift the whole macro stuck.

Also it maybee depends how fast you push the macro key (30-60ms is good for a melee in my experience)
It also don’t fire the “shift” spell immediately, it can take a short moment.
If you are a long time user than forget my answers…hopfully someone else will help you than :slight_smile:

Thanks Nobody, that was helpful.
However if I use AutoHotKey and i hold shift then Demonbolt still don’t work but if i click it manually and hold shift then it works.

If you still facing this problem, why don’t you post the AHK script here? Maybee someone else can help you with it. I am using a gaming mouse.