Hulk Smash UPDATE for 8.3

UPDATE: 1/16/20 Tested for 8.3 on Raider’s Training Dummy, still performing the same. Super close to the sim :smiley:

I main a DH and use @BladePro 's sequences for dps and tanking. Tried to mimic the sequence as best I could for a fury warrior :stuck_out_tongue: . Raidbots has my sim at 22.5k dps without any buffs other than Battle Shout. I get 25-27k that for the first 1min(ish) on the raid training dummy then lvl out at about 21-22k for the rest of the time. Hope you like and if you’ve got any tips to optimize I’m open to suggestions :smiley:
PS. I know for sure my stats need to be optimized :smiley:
PPS. I run @20ms with Synapse.
PPPS. I have the modifiers just in case they do not go off, ie. in the case of Rampage it may cap out for a sec, but it generally doesn’t; and for whirlwind, I have it in the sequence as a filler is everything’s on cd or not enough rage, but for AoE situations, I use the mod.

ilvl: 416
Crit: 19%
Haste: 19%
Mastery: 25%
Vers: 10%

Talents: 3223133

dSZRcaWsKk7svKTrrMjsPTLKQztPUjb9lGUnrDzO2jP2R0Uvv7hYHv5VIu8BfnqLKgkfAWGgof1bvs1Jr5yO64ivTqvblvKkphXYv4Hlj6PcltPwhsXevszQIyYIY0P60e6QuqEgGRlQ2OivTvkO2mskBxvudtjMLQqFwjHZrjnskW3qIrRkzCKCsvPMgrUgbopsYNeP0BPe3vKC5nPAEddmeT0LMq46HbvVBsJKZg)DsdG9gGda0ynm1UCBVAEddW2MBKmeXziOprqzrzrgcU6d2xg24yMwcc(6EEYqqZht((iibNtFo(ZWpHGVrWr(hbphb3lYKNAeMXS3RvnLDdHhBmnmEqeNFstQM3KQ5nazhXrqUscWeLQ3nazhXrWTAHcLD1anazhXrqUscWeLQLAaYoIJGBaLIxTGgGSJ4iOaGfv1MAaYoIJGassBv1uAaYoItW0NJ)mmcQeSvQhrqLGTsvTQbi7iocUbukE1wBaYoItW0NJ)mmckayr9ickayrvnFPbi7iocUTAAVOQMZBaYoIJGCRlsCEdANtZ0kkl6n4nmojUWJnMnPEd6WuzCGjKMunVbOFJvGD8hltfcA5pFDd5uwYWxwQQ3nazhXrqlYZmAy(WofcYTUiX5vd0aKDehbTipZOH8sKAEkeeqsARQwQbi7iocArEMrZz7PqqUscWeL6nchBo95FMlo)nmoeNdrNQgghyHhBmBs18gGSJ4iiNc3A9g0HPkDyB8rWnPE96nwp3FnhneEJSXkPU8QVTTfZUFdH3p)SF)D84z83fN)(q96TaUsage Information
Tried to mimic @BladePro’s havoc pacman seuquence. I run at 20ms.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.25.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Recklessness

KeyPress: Rampage, Whirlwind, Victory Rush

Main Sequence: Bloodthirst, Heart Essence, Siegebreaker, Victory Rush, Execute, Raging Blow, Whirlwind, Rampage

UPDATE: Here are screen shots of my time ont he dummy and from raidbots

What talents do you use?

They’re in the macro. You can see it in game. But I use 3223133. I’ll also edit the OP with this too :smiley:

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Giving it a whirl now on my 442 war.

Edit: Mythic 11 I swapped places back and forth for first with an ilvl 451 rog. Mostly in the 25k to 31k range. I like it.

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Awesome! Glad to hear it. I don’t have much time to test on high lvl keys. Good to know I’ll be able to hold me own when I get time :smiley: Thanks for the feedback!

25-31k with 442 ilvl? Isnt it a bit low? How much dps do u sim?

I like too play with Dragon Roar over Bladestorm, could u ask me whe i can place it in your macro?

Cant wait to try this will let you know how it goes…also side question is there a way to add the draeni racial in the macro?