Hulk Smash UPDATE March 1, 2020

UPDATE: 01/03/20 Changed some things around. Added some cast sequences to up the Bloodthirst casts. Also, changed the click speed to 0.0ms. I know stats aren’t ideal, but it’s still performing super close to sim. Current sim is @ 27.3k dps and I’m hovering around 25-26k dps on Raiding Dummy.
I’m going to play with the azerite traits later this week and see what I can do with those :smiley: Until then, I hope you all enjoy.

PS I have version 2 set for pve content, dungeons, mthics, raids. And version 1 for pvp. I like to have BS on separate key for getting out of roots


  • ilvl 434

  • Crit: 16%

  • Haste: 26%

  • Mastery: 33%

  • Vers: 5%

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Inspired by @BladePro’s havoc pacman seuquence. I run at 0.0ms.
Talents 3223133

This macro contains 2macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.0.

  • The Default macro is 2
Macro Version 1
Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Recklessness

KeyPress: Rampage, Whirlwind, Victory Rush

Main Sequence: Reaping Flames, Siegebreaker, Bloodthirst, Victory Rush, Execute, Raging Blow, Whirlwind, Rampage

KeyRelease: Recklessness, Victory Rush

Macro Version 2
Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Recklessness

KeyPress: Rampage, Whirlwind, Victory Rush

Main Sequence: Siegebreaker, Execute, Whirlwind, Rampage, Reaping Flames, Bloodthirst, Victory Rush, Raging Blow, Bladestorm

KeyRelease: Recklessness

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What talents do you use?

They’re in the macro. You can see it in game. But I use 3223133. I’ll also edit the OP with this too :smiley:

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Giving it a whirl now on my 442 war.

Edit: Mythic 11 I swapped places back and forth for first with an ilvl 451 rog. Mostly in the 25k to 31k range. I like it.

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Awesome! Glad to hear it. I don’t have much time to test on high lvl keys. Good to know I’ll be able to hold me own when I get time :smiley: Thanks for the feedback!

25-31k with 442 ilvl? Isnt it a bit low? How much dps do u sim?

I like too play with Dragon Roar over Bladestorm, could u ask me whe i can place it in your macro?

Cant wait to try this will let you know how it goes…also side question is there a way to add the draeni racial in the macro?

Updated OP with version that will cast Dragon Roar or Bladestorm, I set that version for raids, mythics, … and version 1 I user for pvp.

I’d either add it at the start of the seqeunce or in both the keypress/key release sections. I updated OP with another cast for recklessness, so now it’s called in both press and release sections. I would just add something like /cast [combat] Light's Judgment to the sections mentioned above.

Thanks mate have been running this on my warr alt for a couple of days now and just added the judgement to it (thanks for that ) and the macro. Both are performing well I plan on simming my warr and seeing how close i get and will, let you know the outcome Thanks again mate

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Current Sim is 39k. The other day we ran a bunch of 0’s for guild and I was steady at 35k.

My only critique is that mobility suffers a bit using Impending Victory over Double Time - BUT I see the value of OP choice. 50% of the time, I miss my extra charge, the other 50% I enjoy the extra health when cleaving low end mobs while fighting a leet.

Its a great build, I appreciate the work since I’m too lazy to make my own for my alt warrior.

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Update for new build :smiley: I think it performs a little better. Let me know what you think :smiley:

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