I Dont Like GS-E..

I’m going to be honest here and say, I don’t like the Current GS-E.
Before throwing stones, Here’s why…
I feel that adding I.d,Help txt,etc…and the
complication that comes with it, is too bloated. I don’t like it. BUT…
I’m currently using a very early version of GS-E that ive customized
and ive removed the console command stuff,pre-loaded user macros,etc, and Ive kept the
Organized class folders, Without the spec id,help…extra…etc.
And it still uses the Original GS format of macros. Its LIte,Easy,and
Organized without all the fluff. I like having the ability to just make my Macro,
drop it in the class folder, and it works without having to worry if ive
added the right ID,etc… But that’s just me. :stuck_out_tongue:
I would like to see a Lite simple version that follows this design for
users who are minimalistic such as myself.

id like to have a copy of this that you have made. i think it could be something you and i could work on. feel free to shoot me an email of the GSE you have. :slight_smile: