I have a little doubt

Oops guys, how are you?
look i’ve only seen some druids with tank specialization using cat form to attack as well as mookin form.
could someone tell me how to do this?
the detail in mookin way they use all the spells at once!
Does anyone here know this macro?

@roosewelt it’s not one macro that does it all… Well at least not for me… I use a macro for guardian in bear form, a balance macro on moonkin form and a feral on cat form. So 3 different macros all on the same key on a different form. While I’m tanking I press my key and it fires up the bear macro, switch form to cat or moonkin and keep pressing the same key and it fires the respective macro. Not sure this is what you meant, but hope it helps!

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Hello i think you mean the night fea covenant ability it will if your in boomkin form cast all spels for as long its channeling at ones in cat form aswel and in bearform it uses that forms abilitys at ones thats why you see them casting it so fast