I must be simple!!

So I literally found this yesterday and have combed page after page of the forums. I have managed to set up one string and it seemed to work ok but I am convinced I am missing a ton.

First question- In the string there is Pre Macro and Post Macro, I imported the entire string and got the Macro going on a dummy but the pre/post stuff isn’t working/doing anything at all (flat out not casting those things).

I am not asking for flat out answers, just maybe I missed the one thread that explains all this? I will post the string I got to work for example (Not My Creation)

Sequences[‘Blood’] = {
specID = 250,
author = “TM”,
helpTxt = “Talents 2112133”,
StepFunction = GSStaticPriority,
PreMacro = [[
/cast [combat] Vampiric Blood
/Cast [combat] Dancing Rune Weapon
/Cancelaura Wraith Walk
/use Draenic Strength Potion
“/cast Consumption”,
“/cast Blood Boil”,
“/cast Marrowrend”,
“/cast Death Strike”,
“/cast Heart Strike”,
“/castsequence Marrowrend, Marrowrend, Death Strike”,
“/castsequence Blood Boil, Heart Strike, Heart Strike”,
PostMacro = [[
/TargetEnemy [noharm][dead]

PreMacro and PostMacro are better described as KeyPress and KeyRelease. Everythime ou press a key it tries to execute PreMacro, Your one line from the body of the Sequence, Post Macro. As soon as it gest one action that is on the GCD it stops. For each key pres you can only have one action that is on the Global Cooldown (GCD). (This is a Blizzard limitation that all macros have to adhere to)

OK so let me see if I am starting to grasp this. (Sorry if this is a regerg of what you just said). When I push said button down the pre activates until something with a GCD, “MIDDLE”, then on release it attempts same with Post? SO I assume people are not just mashing the button as fast as possible, or am I wrong here?

Mashing the button as quick as you can seems to be the way most people go.

I always debate against it but its up to you on how you see the benefits in doing it :slight_smile: