IM SHADY Single button Updated for 2.6.40+ 1/16/21

for you shift wont cause your using it bound to other keybind. But yes shift to activate is not needed. If all else fails and thats the only mod not working @gellon01. Do like @kevin said just put void eruption on another keybind to activate.

hmmmmmmmm. that’s weird on why shift wont activate void eruptions for me. Its probably some stupid setting I’m forgetting on my side, but yea its a non issue for me.

Although I am new to the priest rotation, so I’m not sure if u want to cast both of these together,
but maybe trying

/castsequence [nochanneling,mod:shift] Void Eruption, Power Infusion

could come in handy and give it a benefit to having it modded to shift instead of having just 1 skill, but in the end you could just make a separate macro for that instead using shift. To each there own I guess. For me Id like shift to work because it can pause the main sequence during keypress and resume when is key released. instead of me having 2 macros fight each other for cast dominance lol.

power infusion has no global cooldown so you dont need a castsequence for it

#showtooltip Void Eruption
/cast Power Infusion
/cast Void Eruption

that should work with normal ingame macro

Only spell names are translated into Korean, and macros must be written in English to work.

Are you sure?

cause I see Void Torrent interrupted if i put in english in the condition, but doesn’t if I put in italian…

ofc my gamesetting is italian.

and I’m editing manually all the macro to adapt it. so If you are sure I’m having strange behaviour.

hey system would you happen to have the macro you use for the DoT mouseover?
should i use

/castsequence [@mouseover,harm,nodead,mod:ctrl,notalent:3/2][mod:ctrl,notalent:3/2] Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch
/castsequence [nochanneling,exists,notalent:3/2] reset=target Vampiric Touch, Shadow Word: Pain, nul; [nochanneling,exists,talent:3/2] reset=target Vampiric Touch, nul

or would you recommend something more simple like a
/cast [mouseover]
to me misery feels like a talent that doesn’t give a huge advantage

I Checked with Timothy and he confirmed that condition have to be translated:

So unless the macro creator would like to make our life easier and use variables we still need to change all the condition manually to get value from the macro posted.

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@kevin Do me a favor import the new macro and try and see if the shift works for you. I have done some changes to make the macro more non English client friendly. I Also updated the macro with a fix for Vampiric Touch spam. All credit for VT spam fix goes to @MrZanyz

this is a universal dot macro with priority @mouseover or no Mousever then target

/castsequence [@mouseover,harm,nodead,talent:3/2][talent:3/2] Vampiric Touch; [@mouseover,harm,nodead,notalent:3/2][notalent:3/2] Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Touch

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good job

like the macro just updatet it need to test it thow, one befor had sometimes the problem that it spammed VT wenn i dotted the target befor with SWP

is it poseple to get a seperated AoE macro?^^

thanks for your hard work :grinning:

Hey man, first time user here, thanks for your work. I have a few questions regarding that, and also some concerns :

I’m using every ctrl / shift / alt binds so I can’t use them in the macro, I just edited them out and manually reapply VT / SW:P, but there are some priorities that are failing and could be upgraded if possible (not sure of the limits of GSE).

For example : Void Torrent should never ever be cast during Voidform. It should also be only cast with Touch & Pain on the target (I don’t think GSE can track that). Similarly Mindgames should never be cast unless there are 3 dots on the target or you’re in VF.

Casting torrent during a voidform is pure dps loss.

Is there a way to tweak that or should I just remove it from the macro ?

@Kabedon useing the mods on seperate keybinds manualy is perfect thats how i do it. I just put them in this macro for others what want it all in one. I have been testing a way to make it only cast Void Torrent out of Voidform but there is no way for the macro to know if we are in voidform. I tried noform:3 but Voidform does not have a form # like Shadowform. So outside of manually casting Void Torrent i do not think it can be done in the macro. For mindgames what ive read is after your opener you cast it on cd.
I have been thinking of creating a second macro to use as opener that would go based of off wowheads guide

Dot>Mind Blast>Void Torrent>Shadow Fiend>Devouring Plague>Void Bolt>Mindgames>normal rotation

@schonny-moon Why seperate macro. The alt mod is set to prioritize mind sear and searing nightmare if talented. If not talented it uses mind sear as filler as its my understanding that without searing nightmare mind sear is to be used as feeler

Wouldn’t it be possible in variables ? Not sure how it works

what part the opener or not casting void torrent in voidform

Ran huntsman on lfr to get a real test of the macro
This was without food buff or rune

Dots are staying up pretty good On this test i was not manually applying them to main target i changed the macro to auto recast them for testing. might roll out the update with it if the dots keep looking like this

That other priest was 10 ilvls higher then me
Damage huntsman

As a side note on the raider training dummy i am only 300 dps below my sim.

Not casting torrent in voidform yeah. Also many times at 20-30ms there are 3 spells available but there is a 1s gap when things are tapped bot not cast, mostly during power infusion & voidform. The macro fails to cast void bolt on CD, apply SW:P after the initial Vampiric Touch or fails to dump Devouring Plague which results in overcapping. Maybe there is a way to add a modifier to switch to “voidform rotation” which would prevent torrent casting or something ? I’ve also removed the fade as it’s not really a useful gcd when you could cast SW:P as an instant filler (usually has to be spam cast if on the move) but there is no “moving” macro condition so it might be impossible to do. Also SW:D on cooldown will just results in getting you killed out of nowhere in raids.

Otherwise it’s great, much more efficient than the other ones here. Still a bit far from my sim (about 1k below).

I’m trying some stuff to have the macro dot once, then do the basic opener, then go into the classic rotation but it doesn’t seem to take into account the “sequence”. Do you think that could work ? I’m a total noob btw so I might be talking shit.

Update : For some reasons Zanyz’s macro burst a lot lot higher (up to 7k) and has a higher sustained damage, even when I manually refresh VT / SW:P, not sure why.

The problem with a castsequence opener macro is all the spell will have to be off cooldown for it to work. When they are off cooldown they work perfect They would work good in raid where you usually should be starting at bosses with all cooldowns availible. But for mythic+ your using cooldowns for trash usually on cooldown.

Also fade is off the GCD so it is a free cast always. It will even cast while you in your GCD it will cast at the same time as casting another spell. It will break channeling so it needs the nochanneling vt argument in it though. I have it in there the the only endurance conduit worth a shit is translucent images. That cause fade to reduce damage taken for a short time.

If there is interest i can make a few macros one that is soley used as an opener one that is standard rotion and one that activates void eruption and wont cast void torrent.

I need some input in what direction people would like to se me take this macro. Should i keep editing it as one macro or should i break it up into multi macros with seperate opener and burst priority

How should i continue development on the macro
  • One macro
  • Multi macro

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I believe it’s much less interesting to have Fade cast on CD as it will cast outside of major damaging abilities and bad aggro’s, but that’s only my take on it as I run the mana saving conduit (for dispels etc), which I believe is an absolute must. I personally would love a Raid focus macro as I’m raid leading in Mythic and like to have some more time to think, and I believe m+ macros kinda suck overall for casters (especially for a class with that much micro management and important ccs / cds as spriest), but that’s only me.

I tried this castsequence one with all my cds available but it never actually worked for whatever reason. I never actually managed to have a proper opener the way it should be with GSE and I end up doing my own opener and switch to the macro when I know VE is casted, PI & SF are up and it just become a priority spam of VB / MB and DP.

I think it’d be better and easier to have two separated macros or iterations for ST Raiding and AoE M+. Both would be more competitive and less of a “do it all but average”.

Try this as an opener
It will do vamp touch sw pain void torrent shadowfiend void eruption power infusion devouring plague void bolt then mindgames. When mindgames starts casting i start spamming the dps macro. Im still working on getting better perfomance out of the dps macro though its not as strong as i would like it to be.

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how do you switch between the macro 1 & 2

which covenant would you suggest? kyrian or Venthyr. im Kyrian right now but was thinking of switching.