IMA FIRIN MAH LAZOR [nTx] [Level 70] [Demon Hunter] [Havoc]

I think that u can mod the macro so in each sequence you add also an alternative cast using a mod, but I don’t know if it would be efficient.
For me it is working pretty good the way it is now

hey just bind your ST macro button to a single key and then bind your AOE macro to shift+ the same key it works for me

thank you for your work nTx <3

ST and AOE on Mythic+ Version are kinda the same. The main dif is on raid (v2).

So @Faydz setup would work fine.

Thanks for the QA

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So you are not using the best build (momentum)?
I suggest another macro with this build and keeping Fel rush, Venegful retreat, The Hunt and Eye beam out of automatisation for better momentum management

Yeah but when you want to share a macro that does the full rotation, I only leave CDs behind.

Make your own then?..

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What ms were u using with your logitech

Always 200, ive found through trial and error its a happy medium, with 100 sometimes skipping the rotation.

This is a lame answer, do you think that i’ll hang up here if I can ? (we call this a suggestion)

I’ll try to add the sequence of retreat+rush on a modifier this afternoon.

And remember, I created my own discord to update there. Feel free to join.

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