Improvement suggestions

First I’m sorry if I’m posting in the wrong category, please kindly ask ADM to move the topic to the correct category.

I would like to suggest a type of score for each profile using the addon, explaining:

A user creates a profile and starts using it, GSE collects the player’s LVL ITEM and also the player’s average DPS, the target that the player was at the moment is also collected,
it can be a boss or PvP player.
It is only a vague idea of ​​how it can be done.

Finally, there could be a button that the player sends all the data to a database.
Or the GSE itself would collect this for the community to enjoy the best profiles.

I also suggest a Crowdfunding for a designer to redesign the graphical interface of GSE, it is unfortunately and a little confused and broken, giving some errors.

I would like to point out that my suggestions and criticisms are for this wonderful addon to be much better than it already is, my criticisms are constructive. I thank ADM for the great initiative to create this Forum for the community, allowing me to speak ^^.