[INFO] [SOLVED]macro icon vanish in torghast

Look like that what happens in torghast stay in torghast.

Long story short:
I change my GSE macro just before going in torghast and I forgot to create the macro.
so in the tower I created it and put in my action bar.
bla bla
end of the tower run…
get out and queued again for another level…

WTF the macro is vanished…

I created again…

blala new queue… accept… no macro again… WFT

get out… macro created… queue and this time the macro is where I put it.

moral of the tale:
Create your macro outside torghast cause what will be created inside will be destroyed each time you enter into the tower.

Yea, Torghast behaves similar to arenas where it resets how you arrange things after is done.

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