Is AHK or steam controller turbo function safer

Has anyone here used the steam controller turbo function? Im just using it to have it spam rotation hotkeys. No weird elaborate setups just want to not have to spam the hotkey. They are all on seperate hotkeys 1:1. Is this risking a ban? Is it safer to use autohotkey? If I use autohotkey for this is that pretty safe?

Essentially I play with a steam controller in my left hand and keyboard in right. I am using the touchpad to input 1 2 3 4 all on seperate hotkeys. I just want to be able to hold them down one at a time on different keys but have it spam. Nothing fancier than that. I just want to be safe. Does anyone have an opinion whether I should use the controller or AHK to do this?

Nothing in this vein is 100% safe. Every solution is caveat emptor. Having said that hold down spamming is significantly less risky than toggles.