IS keypress and keyrelease an actual thing?

Forgive my noob level of understanding,

I am googling and reading as much as I can.

One area of confusion for me is, can you actually macro an action to a keypress and another action to releasing the key (key release)?

Its hard to understand if these are just nicknames for “Do first” and “do after”.

Can I make a macro for a key that says “press” when I push down on the key, and then says “release” when I let go of the key, but not until. This is how I think its supposed to work, but its hard to tell.

Hey dude, these are variables… you can add. They used to be included with GSE2, but since GSE3 has been released we have more control over how these work. We can choose when to add a KeyPress or KeyRelease variable before or after any /cast or action in a block.


They are nicknames for do first and do after. They were also nicknames in GSE2 for the same thing. It just forced them into every line in 2 where in 3 they are optional. The nicknames themselves don’t matter.