Izzerri blood DK 11/27/2021

Updated it to new version but did not have to change to much. If there is anything else that you want changed or have issues with always feel free to ask .

I run my macros at 100ms

Talents are 1,2,2,1,2,1,2


Usage Information

press ALT for Asphyxiate
press CNT for Gorefiend’s Grasp
press SHIFT when you know big incoming damage is coming to cast rune tap
Macro will death grip new target if it is not on cooldown
version 2 is for lower level Blood Death Knights

This macro contains 2 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.53.

  • The Default macro template is 1
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bloodworms vs Voracious? opinions. Bloodworms add some dps, Voracious might add more healing. anyone done testing on this?

Do you trust your healer?

Yes = Bloodworms
No = Voracious

Are you doing high content? (Pushing High keys or Progression Raid)

Yes = Voracious
No = Bloodworms.

In my Opinion, Bloodworms DPS is negligible. The amount of DPS you get from it will not make or break your fight. Your survivability will make or break the fight.

thank you for the input . Kind of what I was thinking. When my wife is my healer bloodworms would be fine. (unless I for get to take out the trash… j/k)
I put voracious as my default talent choice on the macro, for macro reasons it does not effect how it works, either would be fine.

just curious when people say they set their macros at x ms. does that mean you are using 3rd party software to hit the macro repeatedly every x ms? ive been just pushing the button every gcd for the past couple of days, just unsure if the 100ms is an inbuilt thing where it wont register until after 100ms or if thats the recommended “press time”

for me, I have mouse software that is set to push the button at a certain speed. But you can spam press the button also. You can spam the macro as fast as you can press the button. but if you were to use 3rd party software, like mouse software, some people have keyboards, or autohotkey. the macros I make work at 100ms. Or that is what I run at and I know they work at.

I hope that makes sense.

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hey i am new to this hole gse lazy macro thing :slight_smile: but i am getting older and slower so yeah ;):wink:
i can gte the macro work perfekt exept CNT= CTRL? and the SHIFT noting happapends wheni press them :slight_smile: any ide ? ty for answers

yeah. I been meaning to fix that. Yes the CNT=CTRL, and honestly the only thing I can think of with the shift mod is that the shift is keybound to a different function. I am not sure.

One thing if you have your macro in any numbers 1-0 on keyboard I believe those are keybound in wow. I can’t remember for sure, but I believe they are an action bar keybind, so you can switch your hotkey to a different set of hot keys. You might be able to unbind those or keybind your macro to a different key to avoid this issue. This issue was nagging at me in the back of my head came to me at work this morning.

up-dated today for new version 1/30/2021

it is your frost dk script … :smiley:

Yes it is For Frost Dk. XD

lol sorry fixing it now lol

sorry abouit that must have snagged the wrong macro, shocked I did not catch that . Updated for new gse and added low level macro for those starting blood DKs

with AHK , copy paste into notepad to save a backup . this is the script used to make the number 2 key go at 100 ms while it is pushed down ! . i also do the top part , caps lock off , cus my script isnt perfect & will do weird things to caps lock if i dont do it this way. . to add more keys , repeat everything from line 2 (the lonely bracket) onward , including the bracket . replace every “2” with the button you want . replace the “100” with the time you want between ‘presses’ , in milliseconds , (thousandths of a second)

SetCapsLockState, Alwaysoff
	$2::  ;
		Loop ;
				if not GetKeyState("2", "P") ;
					Send 2 ;
				sleep 100

Is it possible to have DnD pop off on target instead of player? Most of the time when zerging things like trash/dungeons I’m running towards targets before other group players start attacking, if that make sense. Often times I find DnD is being dropped behind me when I run in.

I would change it to @cursor instead of @player. I do that with my DnD and my AMZ

Yeah you can put it at cursor, you can not put it at target, that is not an option in WOW sadly.

GREAT Blood DK macro - have been using Griggers forever, and yours both out-healed and out-dps’ed it, even with updates for 9.0.2 - THANK YOU!

np. glad it is still working