Izzerri Enhancement macro that will auto cast chain lightning/lightning bolt plus level macros 12/29/2021

Macro updated added more frost shocks and rearrange spell casting.
Hope it works better

I can’t get this macro to cast anything at all. I hit alt and doesn’t even drop the totem

I will take a look at it. Was or me last time I used it. I will try it out to see if it is working or not.

Very strange not working here either right now. going to have to dig into what happened. I will rework this macro. not seeing where it is hanging up right now. Will put at top of my list to do tomorrow in the morning. Even the old version I have is not work, very strange.

OK, I was rushed earlier did not realize my mouse was not using auto click and why I thought the macro was not working. was looking at a different macro noticed it was off. So when I switched to shaman I had no issue. BTW alt does not put totem down it puts shield and weapon enchantment spells on. totem should drop automatic when you enter combat and the spell goes off.

I am not sure why this macro is not working for you, maybe a click rate issue, makes sure it is 250.

Hello Izzi, I am lvl’ing a shaman lvl 24 for now but I use version 3 but it keeps hanging the macro don’t cycle I am on 250ms cause use for my higher alts also you’re macros but this one doesn’t cycle…

I will take a look at it, hopefully I can get it fixed for you

ok updated it hopefully that works for you. took out some spells that are not used at that level

Thx Izzi for the fast response m8!

Did you check the next version 4 also Izzi ? Now version 3 works fine, the only issue is sometimes when you’re in ghost wolf he doesn’t shift to fight mode directly takes some time but I switch manually. Another big thx for the help and changes my friend!

I think i checked them both yesterday. I can check them again. not sure why there is a delay when in ghostwolf , but something I can look at. Honestly did not check it from that form.

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Hey @Izzi what covenant do you play as? Is it default Necrolord or Venthyr?