Izzerri feral ST 01/27/2021

Updated, fixed issue with selecting primal wrath as talent. and changed the cast of regrowth so it will only cast if you are in cat form.

Let me know if there are any issues. I have not field tested this, just looked at macro and made changes.


Usage Information

verison 1 is dps no healing
version 2 is dps with regrowth cast after finishers for solo and quest play
Run @100ms
Talents 2,3,1,2,1,2,2
talents for st/aoe build 2,3,1,2,1,3,2

This macro contains 2 macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.42.

  • The Default macro is 1

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Swipe, Prowl, Wild Charge, Cat Form, Thrash, Primal Wrath, Ferocious Bite, Rake, Shred

Main Sequence: Swipe, Primal Wrath, Rake, Thrash, Rip, Tiger’s Fury, Barkskin, Ferocious Bite, Berserk, Shred

Macro Version 2

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Swipe, Prowl, Wild Charge, Cat Form, Thrash, Primal Wrath, Ferocious Bite, Rake, Shred

Main Sequence: Swipe, Primal Wrath, Rake, Thrash, Rip, Tiger’s Fury, Barkskin, Ferocious Bite, Berserk, Shred

KeyRelease: Regrowth

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Tryed version 1.
Removed berserk.

Ilvl 177, was steady @ 2,4k dps on single raid dummy. ( no flask, potion, berserk )

Rake, Rip, Thrash dots never felt off.

Working fine

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great macro, anyway to make an AoE version?

yeah I can try that. Working on Unholy dk at the moment, I will try to fit that in.

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made an aoe version. but uses different talents. let me know what you think

Thanks so much. Macro is feeling well. I have a question about the AOE version (I know this is the ST topic); is it possible the make an AOE macro with the same talents as the ST macro, so you can use both in a dungeon without changing talents?

The talents are different. ST is focused on making ferocious bite and rip hitting harder by talents and the AoE talent is hurts the ST rotation.

i can try to setup something that would not be optimal but functional

I understand. Normally you are going inside a dungeon with a set of talents and you are phasing 1/2 mob fights and 3+ mobs fights. It would be awesome to have separate macro’s for ST focused fights and AOE focused fights since you won’t swap talents during a dungeon run. I don’t know the Feral class enough, so maybe I’m wrong and we just need to use the ST macro with bigger groups of mobs.

added something amazing and now have self healing going off


/console autounshift 0
/cast Regrowth
/console autounshift 1

This allows regrowth goes off without me having to press any buttons

I will give that a try, that command is new to me.
and not exactly sure when it casts regrowth

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About /console autounshift 0 , /cast regrowth, /console autounshift 1 and my concern

I see how it works, it asks the macro to disable auto shifting from form to form /console autounshift 0, then asks it to try and cast regrowth, so it won’t cast regrowth if you are in cat form, then it reenables the auto form shift ability by using /console autounshift 1.

That is interesting idea. But I would be slightly concerned mob might die mid cycle then players might not be able to auto shift in and out of forms and not know they would have to manually type /console autounshift 1 to have that ability again.

If the player did not know this was the fix, it could cause them some distress. I have just read of people going to the extreme and deleting there game because they did not know how to fix this issue.

This in theory this may happen multiple times in a dungeon or raid and could disable your autoshift ability so you would have to make an additional macro with just /console autounshift 1 that you could press to fix the issue as it occurred.

I will have to test this out allot before I would feel comfortable adding this to my macros. I would not want to cause others issues. And I am not sure it would be an issue until I try it out for a time.

I made a version of the macro, version two, that manually cast regrowth after it cycles a finisher, so it does the same thing but does not touch the console commands and has no risk of turning off a function people use. I feel this is the safer route to doing this until I know for sure it would not cause issues. I already had the second version of this macro made to manually cast regrowth and left it out of the first version due to the fact casting regrowth causes a slight delay in damage and wanted to make sure players had the choice if they wanted it to go off or not.

So in conclusion I need to field test extensively to see if this would cause issues and do more research. But thank you for sharing your idea.

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I will work up an addition macro that will work well with different talents selection and add a version here. Like I said it won’t be optimal performance wow did a good job of separating talents on feral to make you either do single target or multi target at peak. But there maybe a work around that will allow you good performance that comes close to max performance. I will try to find that soft landing spot.


I been using your macro and with auto shift regrowth that and im still surviving alot solo 1v1 (elites and stuff) but with aoe needs little fix

But yeah maybe do v1 for solo and others normal for dungeon’s/mythic/M+ and raid contents ?

updated macro, the way feral is setup talent wise to be the best at aoe you hurt st, the update I just made suggested taking primal wrath insteed of brutal slash, which hurts 1/2 targets damage a tad but increases damage on AoE a tad. sort of middle of the road approach.

give that a try see how that works.

glad autoshift is working for you. I will run it for a while myself to give it a try and see if it causes any issues. I tried v1 ST and v2 Aoe, saddly the talents in feral just are not setup to run optimal that way. but just made a compromise suggestion, that will do both just not as focused on ST or AoE damage.

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Hi Izzi!

I would like to thank you for your macros, I use several of them. Without you and all the other contributors on this site, my fun in game would be severely limited. Much appreciated for all you guys’ hard work.

The macro is working very well for me and I am mostly having 85-90% of my sim dps. Thats impressive I must say.

I was considering to have a bit more control over rips and ferocious bites by removing them from main sequence and using both through mod keys. For FB timing (i.e. only using it >50 energy) I was thinking to put nonchanneling command on main sequence for every line and [channeling, mod:alt FB] on key press and release sections, to force auto attacking when I press alt key (pooling energy) and use FB when release. Do you think this will work (without causing any apparent issue on the general flow of otherwise nicely working macro) or there is maybe a better way to make it.

Once again thank you for the macros you have shared with the community.

You should be able to separate them putting builders in main macro and then mod finishers. This would insure that you have full generation and the spells you want will go off when you want them. Not a bad idea. Try it out and let me know if it works.

And thank you for the nice words. I am glad that my macros help a few people. I am relatively new to GSE, and have been learning as I go. I started making macros for just my wife and myself, and decided to share them with others. I just wanted to help. And in the end I found that putting them here helped me. People questioned, suggested and asked for changes that makes the macro better for everyone. And that is the end goal!


Sorry for not updating earlier Izzeri.

In short, I could not manage the “energy pooling” goal of delaying main sequence by pressing a mod key for FB and fire it only on key release. I have tried nochanelling as well as nomod commands on main sequence part and putting FB on key release section with chanelling or simply as [mod:alt, FB]. However its either not fire on key release or simply goes off on press. (Side note, main sequence part only compose of builders and CDs, where I have removed rip and FB from sequence and put them on mod shift and alt respectively)

Granted, I do not know much about GSE commands and trying to find my way by examining the command lines on different macros to put them correctly.

Actually my logic was very simple and I do believe it is my lack of knowledge why I could not manage to delay main sequence as long as a modifier key is pressed and fire FB only on key release.

Anyways, even without energy pooling, I can do 90%+ of my sim DPS on single target fights (on LFR) so still having fun.

If you or anyone else have an idea how to make it, its greatly appreciated.