Izzerri guardian 03/24/2022

New macro for guardian. talents changed and hopefully runs well for everyone

Also put my run kitty fly macro here . puts you into your fastest form available, travel form if outside kitty if inside.



Talents: 2322211

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.61.





remove “read only” please
need add regen on alt

Hi, Fenzied Regeneration doesnt work. The rest works fine Thank you

will do sorry not sure why I clicked that

It seems to work for me, it goes off later in fights. so on quick kills you will not see it working. I did not want it to go off before I needed healing effects. I just up dated putting another version where you can press alt to use it.

Thanks Izzy, works fine, have a nice day.

working on it right now so it will go off little sooner and will be ready to use when the timer is back up. going to test it out to make sure by moving up in rotation that it does not cause any hang ups in follow up fights. Will let you know

I will try your macro today in some mythic+.

First look at the dummy it seems to fire too often moonfire.
I took it off your sequenz and added it in keypress (/castsequence reset=target Mondfeuer, null).
So it will fire on every new target. On long singletarget fights u have to cast it manually new (modifier).

Yeah noticed I needed to add moonfire to new targets. Will add that. and will look at the reapp time on moonfire so thereis not a over cast. Thank you for the input,

Ok here the next change i have done.

I changed the 3 swipe in a row in your castsequence to 2 swipe.
For my feeling sometimes it has trash ready but swipes first and then makes trash.
Its only a downtime for a few seconds but with only 2 swipes it fires off faster.

Sry for my bad englisch. I hope u understand what i mean.

good input, I was looking mostly at regen time when I put it together, will look at moonfire up time and thrash fire times, while keeping one regen in mix.

added new up date. should be working a tad better thank you Melor for the input on changes

Tested your new macro and make some adjustements.

  1. I took the moonfire on every new target in keypress. After testing it like u have it in key release it doesnt fire to 100% on every new target. I cant find out why but your macro doesnt slow down when i put it in keypress.
  2. I m not sure if it is great to automatic cast a frenzied regeneration. I tested with and without it. Actually i m not sure about it.

Actually i m working on a modifier who makes an aoe rotation. That means only Trash, swipe and ironfur. On big pulls in mythic+ with some great dps players it is otherwise hard to hold the aggro. The mangle and the moonfire slows it unnecessary down.
Maybe u have an idea who to do that. I m actually not really great in GSE.

Overall your macro and your rotation are really great and i appreciate playing with it.
NHC Logs where when i personally dont fail all between 80-90%.

Thanks for your good work

will work on it sometime this weekend . I will make a different version with no moonfire or mangle other then pulling

I put regen in the macro as a default, one cast, to give my healer a bit of healing breather in every fight and me being lazy and not popping it when I may not totally need it. I still wanted one in reserve for “Oh no is my healer sleeping” moments that I get in PUGs from time to time. And I found that if I am playing out in the world questing or whatever I liked the regen to pop after a bit in the fight. Other then that no reason, I just liked it there lol.

Hi Izzi. Great macro really loving it , just curious your new macro is it the one you posted at the very top
? Thanks keeo up the good work

yeah I will always overwrite the old macro. I should be doing another small tweak today. Have many fires going right now lol. Made Frost Dk and balance druid macro updated sub-rogue this one should be up dated soon. Still plan on making a wind walker monk, and a few other macros if I have time this morning.

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just up-dated the macro




lol yeah, lot of tabs to do basically the same thing lol, but there are minor differences and if helps at least one player I am all about helping where I can