Izzerri Havoc talents 1,1,3,1,1,1,1 02/06/2021

Revamped macro thanks to the suggestion of Ryzar. I removed Blade dance and suggested Cycle of hatred.

In addition I changed to priority instead of sequential, this should make Glaive tempest and eye beam go off on cooldown.

I still have Vengeful Retreat, Fel Rush on alt. This is to break being rooted and getting back into action . There was confusion on why I would have this in my macro and not take momentum talent .

And as always I am open to suggestions

run @ 100ms
talents = 1,1,3,1,1,1,1


Usage Information

mod alt to use vengleful retreat and then felrush

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.47.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Vengeful Retreat, Fel Rush

Main Sequence: Chaos Nova, Glaive Tempest, Eye Beam, Immolation Aura, Chaos Strike, Demon’s Bite, Metamorphosis

why do you need vengeful retreat + fel rush if arent talent into Momentum? kinda super useless lol

you don’t need them, and they are spells that you get. Not like I took a talent to get the spells. I personally use it if I am tied (rooted) in place, retreat to break root and jump back into combat. So only sort of useless I guess.

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I will give it a spin in some +10-13s what is your thoughts on fel eruption talent i see alot of mythic+ raiders using that talent

I guess if there is a need for a single target stun it might be useful in a few situations. But not something I would base my talent selection over. I personally like the no fury and reduced cooldown of chaos nova and the AOE stun. But that talent line is a utility line and any talent will work.

Here is what icy veins says.

Unleashed Power Icon Unleashed Power can be taken in circumstances that require more frequent AoE stuns, alongside the added bonus of removing the Fury cost. Master of the Glaive Icon Master of the Glaive allows for additional damage when out of range and giving access to a slow if needed. Fel Eruption Icon Fel Eruption grants you a point and click instant single-target stun which can be very useful for locking down a priority target, alongside dealing some free damage as well.

also let me know how it works out for you. And like always I am open to suggestions from people that know the class better then I do. I just want to make the best macro I can for everyone.

If you are going for the Blind Fury/Collective Anguish build you should remove Blade Dance completely. And instead of First Blood, use Cycle of Hatred. That way your Chaos Strikes reduce cooldown of Eye Beam allowing you to use Eye Beam more often. Blade Dance is an inefficient use of fury in this build.

Thank you for the info. Built it for the wife, will make the changes, I do not play this spec I play vengeance when I play demon hunter.

updated thanks again

this is the most hilarious thing i ever read on this forum

Hilarious how? Both WowHead and Icy Veins…and the Havoc DH Discord…recommend using Cycle of Hatred with the Blind Fury/Collective Anguish build. And removing Blade Dance from the rotation to ensure there is enough fury to spam Chaos Strike to keep lowering cooldown on Eye Beam. Blade Dance is better used with First Blood in the Felblade/Demon Blades/Chaos Theory build.

The dps works out a little higher spamming chaos strike by a little on training dummies without the cov ability so I changed it in the macro, honestly I did not see to much time drops but must have been enough to effect over all dps output.