Izzerri Protection Paladin 1/30/2021

updated for new gse 1/30/2021

I run at 100ms

Talents are 3,2,1,2,1,2,1


Usage Information

Press CTRL for Ardent Defender
Press ALT for Guardian of Ancient Kings

This macro contains 2 macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.43.

  • The Default macro is 1

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Avenger’s Shield, Crusader Strike

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Consecration, Shield of the Righteous, Crusader Strike, Avenger’s Shield, Judgment

KeyRelease: Divine Protection, Guardian of Ancient Kings, Critter Tracking (INTERNAL), Avenging Wrath, Shield of the Righteous, Consecration

Macro Version 2

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Word of Glory, Avenger’s Shield, Crusader Strike

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Word of Glory, Crusader Strike, Consecration, Avenger’s Shield, Judgment

KeyRelease: Divine Protection, Word of Glory, Guardian of Ancient Kings

Post Macro: Word of Glory, Avenger’s Shield, Crusader Strike

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Hey! Remove “read only” please.
Want remove Avenging Wrath

removed read only. not sure why I have done that on a few of my macros…

up dated. looking forward to some feedback

KeyRelease: [Divine Protection], [Guardian of Ancient Kings](, [Critter Tracking (INTERNAL) ], [Avenging Wrath], [Shield of the Righteous], [Consecration]

Just wondering if I’m reading this correctly. this macro will cast divine purpose upon key release? can you explain to me how that works. Seems like a bad skill to have in a rotation. unless I’m not understanding this correctly.

it is in key release on a mod either alt, control or shift. So you can activate it if you need it, but won’t fire until you tell it to.

And I have yet figured out why it says critter tracking. LOL my wife told me about that when she first looked at the macro, Just strange.

Awesome man, I appreciate the prompt response. Have you tried your hand with this in raids?

I have not personally. I’ve been all over the place. Way too many toons in the fire to focus on raiding yet.

good macro ! one thing is ardent defender doesnt work on ctrl

let me check that out really fast see if it is working in mine.

hmm seems to be working for me just tested it on three of my paladins. You have issues using CTRL as a mod for any other macros?

I have modifiers issues with all macros. Cant figure out why.

The first thing I would check is key bindings and make sure there is nothing set to those keys. I personally have shift key issue. Why I rarely use it as a mod in my macros. LOL. I am still trying to figure that one out myself. That and a little lazy to look a little deeper. let me know if that helps.

up-dated today for new version of gse

I am using your macro since level 1 up to 60z Its is absolutely beast. However I have a few questions. How can I add the Kyrian covenant ability in the rotation? ( no clue of these things). What legendary would you recommend? How can I change Avenging Wrath to key press because It opens wings randomly even in 2 trash mobs. However it’s really high performance macro, almost braindead to pull, taunt literally speed run the dungeons.

Thank you

I am not sure what legendary to use, honestly. I would have to research them. Since I am not playing much in this expansion, just to much grinding between all my alts, it wore me down. And since I can never focus on just one toon I felt like I was buried under endless grind. You should be able to add your cov ability in by using a /cast line in the key sequence, I am drawing a blank on what spell that is right now. I am sure someone can remember and help with that. I will look more into all my macros when I feel ready to jump back into the game. Shadowlands just not been a fun expansion for me personally so been catching up on shows I neglected to watch and avoid the game more then I thought I would have. Hopefully in near future I will return to the game and I will revisit all my macros when I do.