Izzerri Ret Pally package 08/06/2022

I could not get the problem to occur on my end, try erasing the macro and re-importing the new version of the macro and see if it goes away for you. Let me know if that works.

did you delete something, what it seems to me !

think the porblem is for me. my game is on german and i have to translate the talents and on one talent “Null” is red for me i thinkt that is the problem

null is a line stop, it is meant to be red. so that line will not repeat until next target or combat is reentered

i do not get the problem when i use it either. dont know what could be causing it.

allright new version is workin without problems :grinning:

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Thank you, can you please advise on what the GSE script would look like if I wanted to make a new macro that does a sequence between crusader strike, judgement, and blade of justice only.

you want just a builder macro? with no other spells being used?