Izzi demo 10-70 12/28/2022

u should minimize shadow bolts and put demonbolt mod shift for example for when we dont have shards

what do you mean by this? thanks

If you have trinkets firing automatically in the macro, and one has a Use that places a target on the ground, such as Erupting Spear Fragment - Item - World of Warcraft, then it messes with the macro because it is trying to go through the trinket’s Use mechanic. I had a problem similar to this on my Demon Hunter. I disabled the Trinket usage in the macro (the little checkbox at the bottom) and it solved my problem. Not saying this is what people are experiencing here, just saying it is something to check.

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Hey @Izzi i know you have a lot on your plate, but could you provide a macro for Raid and M+ in accordance of the updated builds on Wowhead here Best Demonology Warlock Talent Tree Builds - Dragonflight 10.0.5 - Guides - Wowhead

It looks like netherportal builds are pretty dominant right now. It looks like inquisitor’s gaze is pretty much obsolete now due to the change. Can’t see it in any of the recommended builds. Guillotine builds aren’t really needed either. If you were to make one new Demo build to rule them all (for questing, M+, and Raid) it would be close to the Demonology Warlock AoE/Cleave Raid Talent Build (AKA new Zoo maybe?) on the wowhead link above. Just imo. Cheers

Yeah I will be looking at all the specs and changes,