Izzi guardian druid 11/26/2022

also did you go into /gse, options, plugins and click the izzi guardian plugin. It will not out update unless you do that.

yer went in to gse options etc and it said hello scott etc updates izzi druid

BgGAYhlYdy9RJ6ROrphOEi69vCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAoAQSCCkQIJJSiUgWiAAAAAAAAA should be the talents, will update the plugin also

updated plugin also, ty for letting me know.

np thank u for doing the updates

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Just tried some of the new macros here. I think I will wait for either you or Elfy to put up an updated macro instead. None of the ones I tried performed very good.

Reworking druid right now, might be a few.

guardian updated on cursefore


Holy shit. I just tried this out on a random mob, and at one point, I had a short burst of over 34k. Great work. Thank you for a great macro.

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talents are out of date :frowning:

Talents needs to be updated

plugin updated at curseforge