Izzi pally tank 11/25/2022

Hey Izzi,
The Pally talents on the macro go to 60. I updated the talents you gave and that gave me the talents needed. My question is will the macro work with the new talent updates? What are your thoughts on Avenging Wrath in the Macro or on a mod key?

You can for sure put avenging wrath on a mod just add [nochanneling, mob:shift] before the spell and after cast. That is a shift mod, use what ever mod you want.
I personally like to have it go off when ever it is up, my personal preference, because my logic is a cd not used 100% as often as not is wasting a cold down, it is not optimal for big fights, but a sitting cd is wasting for every minute that cd is not used. It could be 4 minutes until it would be optimal to use, I could have had 2 casts and ready for the 3rd in that time.
Again My preference and why I write them that way.

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I will for sure add the talents to the macro plugin give me a few minutes

again the best way to get a hold of me is here, if I don’t answer right away then someone may have the answer for you that uses the macro
I will answer here but don’t always see the messages right a way.

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plugin has been updated will be a few minutes and will be ready to download, the talent string is in the macro description

Am I missing something in the talent tree? I am not able to select Seal of Order.

I am not sure if talents on paly got moved around or not in patch

@Izzi When will this be updated for level 70 use?

I must say izzy, Well done, again! Ive now tried almost all of your macros for all classes for leveling, works like a charm each time:)