Jelix's 2 Macro Mythic+ Bear -Shadowlands 05/01/21

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You can add in your macros
/cast [noform:1] Bear Form
its useful

thanks nefrit, didnt put it in as I end up fighting with the macro if i forget to cancel it. Nothing worse than popping sprint in order to kite to instantly go back to bear

This macro is honestly amazing. i hope you maintain this in shdowlands. its very very good

Hey I work with the translator.

Unfortunately, I cannot import the macro. :frowning:

It sounds so good!

updated 17/12/20 - ran at mythic 12

same here. unable to import the macro :frowning:

try now, forgot to change the default export setting

Hello, How come the macro won’t work until I use an actual skill?

it a mythic+ macro. it requires you to be in combat. pull with moonfire or body pull.
if you run it without the combat modifier it will chain pull the nearest thing which could be a pack your going skip.

Gotcha, thank you for clarifying.

I’m too stupid to export it, can someone help me?

Thank you for the macro. It works great! the best i have tested.

tried this macro out love it nice and simple hit mangle and thrash on cd all round awesome.
i tweaked it to my liking and figured id share



Talents: 2332321(talents im running atm)

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.37.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence:

used the macro as is seamed to work well during incarn.

Can’t import , " Storage Unable to interpret sequence"

Deutsch / German i used

No, that’s not the reason, I can import the macro as posted by lokiside1. With this code string. But it doesn’t work: /

Well it does work, worked for me, and others. it something on your end preventing it. not a problem out of respect for you I shall remove the macro and keep it for personal use only. That way noone can be upset.

No leave it in, it seems very good. It would be a shame for the others who could use it

I use the translator

Nooooooooooooo :open_mouth: