Jelix's Basic Bear 9.0.1 Prepatch

Latest Update: 27/10/20

The idea behind the macro is to apply modifiers to spells that are on the GCD (i.e Frenzied Regen), and rebind those that are not on the GCD (i.e Barkskin).



Run at: 100Ms with GCD of 1.3s

Talents: 2, 2, 3, 1, 2, 1, 1

With my merger Ilvl 100, im able to maintain 95% Ironfur 1, 40% Ironfur 2 up time.
Single target dps Approx. 900 - 1100 (depending on azertie/neck/trinket proc’s)
AoE (3 target) dps Appox. 1600 - 1900 (depending on azertie/neck/trinket proc’s)

No Feral Charge?
While very useful in general combat it can be very counter intuitive during mythic+. its not part of the macro but neither is Renewal, talent in and out as wish.

Galactic Guardian Vs Incarnation: Guardian of Ursoc
Shadowland’s brings us some interesting possibilities with running multiple Macro based around Incarnation: Guardian of Ursoc and Beserk, which allows us to effectively spam Thrash > Mangle[aoe] > Ironfur however we get the tools to do this at level 58. Now it sits as a nice 30% hp boost cooldown but not much more.
Galactic Guardian sims slightly better overall for threat and rage gen in prepatch.


You can add in your macros
/cast [noform:1] Bear Form
its useful

thanks nefrit, didnt put it in as I end up fighting with the macro if i forget to cancel it. Nothing worse than popping sprint in order to kite to instantly go back to bear

This macro is honestly amazing. i hope you maintain this in shdowlands. its very very good

Hey I work with the translator.

Unfortunately, I cannot import the macro. :frowning:

It sounds so good!