JM ASS for Dragonflight

macro an talents updated in OP

so, as a complete NEWB and after reading this and TimothyLukes gse account…you X-ActionButtonUseKeyButtonDown …and ForceCVAR State Key:DOWN?.. thanks…

first of all i’d like to say thanks to John for creating these macro’s, i’ve used several of his macro’s as a base for my own creations, below you can find my iteration of an endgame ready macro for assassin.

if you’re running the M+ talents, I did not include Indisciminate Carnage in the macro, I press that one manually before going into a pack and refresh if needed, avoiding wasting it when mobs are about to die.

talents for M+:

talents for raid: (aoe macro won’t work well with this one)

ST macro:


aoe macro:


cool im curious to try this out. as im still pottering on DK atm when i get a chance, and yet to get my rogue to 70. i hear it only takes 2 hours to do

Question John, when u say sweet spot… if im running out of energy quick that means i gotta up the time on the rotation correct? its at 160 for me according to razer synapse.

no slow it down your burning through actions too fast, in the short term and burst you do crazy numbers but over the whole fight it will suffer and you auto attack more often

ty bossman, much appreciated

This macro is definitely the best one around for the assassination rogue! However it seems to lock up pretty often, running with synapse at 160ms, but even if I hit manually, the behaviour is the same.

can you be more specific what or how its locking up?

160 is way to fast unless you have insane levels of haste already, and you could be burning through energy so its trying to do things but lack energy.
until i know more on how or why it is for you i cant offer much help

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apologies! It was hardware related. Oddly enough, I’ve replaced my razer orbweaver after 10 years, with a new razer tartarus v2 and didn’t realize how bad it was performing until I swapped it back with the orbweaver.
Your macro is working as intended.

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I have it at 0.46 sec and i still dip below 40 energy ??? In order to never dip below 40 i would think it would have to CRAZY like 1.3 Seconds !!!

any updates for this ?

cant find any macros for rogue that areworking and my raids tonight :frowning: guess i cant raid tonight

talent import kinda works, but there is 10 unspent points, 5 for spec, 5 for base. any update for full?

these replies are so boring now. People need to start using their head. its a prepatch macro for lvl 60.

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What do you mean by “160MS” and how do I control that setting?

What is MS and how can I change it? Answered (With working AHK script you can use with Modifiers) - Lazy Macros / How To’s - WoW Lazy Macros

And in regards to this macro. It works perfectly up until level 60. Then you want to take the Dragon-Tempered Blades build to have the best talents possible for raiding… However, the downside to that is that there are a couple of spells picked in the talents that are not being used in by the macro:

  • Echoing Reprimand
  • Thistle Tea

For the Thistle Tea, you can just add a modifier to the Macro Variables section of the GSE Macro:

currently, I have mine setup like this:

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast [nostealth,nocombat] Stealth
/cast [mod:alt] Ambush
/cast [mod:ctrl] Thistle Tea

I have also put in Echoing Reprimand somewhere in the macro to be cast off cooldown. Ill take my chances whether or not it procs on the correct amount of combo points… I am not really pushing content as we speak so it is not yet needed as a DPS increase…

Anyhow, I do not think there is a way to use Echoing Reprimand in a macro so that a finisher would fire off at the correct combo point amount… So I might be worth looking into other talents to avoid Echoing Reprimand. For instance putting 2 points in Lethality so that the macro will still work normally… This does require some testing that ill do once I hit level 70 with 4 piece set bonus.

Thats all, just my 2 cents on this macro…

no way to get ER to fire as needed as you cant make macros intelligent enough to react to combo points. unless you are botting. you just have to compromise with an average.

Sorry for not getting around to update these rogue macros. for the tallents my plan was to just go with the Icey veins meta. then just look at what the last 5 points bring. if its a passive then good chance there is no change to macro. perhaps a small adjustment to the spender finisher sequence. but they should not require much adjustments.
if its a new ability just add it in,

Also just letting you all know I’m not longer playing wow, which sadly means I wont me developing macros anytime soon. But I will leave these threads here so people can still access and use or develop further, its been a blast and I’m sad to stop but I cant do this forever.
take care :slight_smile: