John Metz Destro SL

just sharing what im using for my destro lock, nothing real fancy gets it done. primarily a ST but can cleave aoe ok

run this at 100ms for best results and consistent application of conflag and immolate

open by holding shift to start with Cataclysm. let go once cast to use rotation proper.
not it will drop infernal automatically where you cursor is so keep that in mind.
Ctrl will drop Rain of fire at cursor when you have enough shards.
using Alt while mouse over a different target will apply Havoc.



Talents: 1123323

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.14.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Immolate, Conflagrate

KeyPress: Cataclysm, Havoc, Rain of Fire

Main Sequence: Incinerate, Summon Infernal, Fel Domination, Chaos Bolt, Dark Soul: Instability

No corruption usage? are you just auto casting that?

i forgot about that, updated, I’ve added where immolate and Conflag are so it should be applied and refreshed now

thanks for the heads up

No problem… your macros are always amazing that’s why i was like… “wait a sec…” lol. thanks for the always amazing macro

Side note… fresh 50 63 Ilvl doing 1.4k sustained.
97% uptime immolate
93% uptime on corruption

Why do u put this in Demo Thread? ^^


corruption ends up being a dps loss, and isnt supposed to be in the rotation for a destruction warlock. your whole build is based on making soul shards. so you would be losing a conflag or immolate casting it every few seconds.

ok cool to know as warlock isn’t my thing as a class. You can easily remove it from the premacro. ill probably do an update later. thanks for this