Keypressing Program

This is what I’m using.

Remember to Run it as Administrator. It saves your keysettings, and it
has an optional sound that lets you know when your key is being repeated
when your in the game.
The delay can bet adjusted.
It works by letting you Hold down the key and it repeats.
Or, you press it once, it repeats until you press the key again.
Its free and the writer has a disability.

Nice, find.

One question thou.

Is this legit to use with wow, or is it bannable?

Blizzard says words like “Could”,“May”, and “Possibly”.

There are Mouse and keyboard setups that do exactly this action.
So I would say, yes, you could, but its very doubtful.

Special Edition - Mouse support and custom Delay setting. Sent
out for those who gave Tip for the program. ;~)

I would love one of these for a Mac

Is this program bannable, cause I have looked everywhere on Blizzard website and I cannot find anything about key pressing programs. Thanks