Now that prepatch has been out for a while, and a lot of hotfixes have been stabilized. Anyone much smarter than I come up with a viable kickweaver macro? You guys are awesome, thanks for your time.

I am working on one right now. Should be up by the end of the day.

Did you ever make one? Im looking for one to help level with!

Anyword on this :slight_smile:

This one is still working great for me.

Did you have to update anything at all? Talents, Spells, etc?

Yeah. It just does the DPS rotation, but you can add w/e in there. I added /cast [@mouseover] Renewing Mist
But you can get all creative w/ it. I do most of the healing part myself. This does the 3x Tiger Palms followed by BoK and RSK off CD.

@Jeff Hughes

Cool that my macro is still in use. I will add in a Thunder Focus Tea as an Alt option in my next release create a new post.