Kitty no delay for change target Faerie Swarm

Been trying to stop the delay when changing targets with the Faerie Swarm, or Faerie Fire, and have come up with this mouseover macro that seams to work quite nice, as long as you move the mouse pointer off your new target, if you dont have Fearei Swarm just swap it in the macro for Faeri Fire, will need to have (Glyph of Savagry) for this macro to work fully, my talents are 3,1,1,1,2,1.
Ive also chosen not to include beserk or heart of the wild in the macro as I like to cast them when realy needed prefferably just after Tiger’s Fury has been used. Oh also made this macro jump to a nearby enemy if its in range with mousover, but doesnt re target till you click or the old enemy is dead.

/castsequence [stealth] reset=target Wild Charge,Ravage
/castsequence [@mouseover,exists,combat] reset=target Faerie Swarm,null
/castsequence [stealth,nocombat] savage roar
/castsequence [nostance,combat]cat form
/castsequence [combat]reset=0.3 1,tiger's fury
/castsequence [@mouseover,exists,combat] reset=0.3 wild charge
/castsequence [nostealth,combat]reset=target/15 Rake,Mangle,Thrash,Rip,Mangle,Mangle,Savage Roar,Rake,Mangle,Mangle,Ferocious Bite
/use [nostealth,nocombat]Prowl
/use [combat] 13
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]

hope this helps all the cats out there, and thanks to every 1 on this site making awsome macros that have alowed me to coppy and learn from, please feel free to edit and make any recomendations you want to this 1.